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For more than six years of legal expertise, we still continue providing legal services in a high dynamic motion to serve all our valued customers, to defend their interests and to ensure sound decision-making, and to achieve the highest standards of legal accountability, through the use and investment of modern technology.

This is in addition to the professional high-tech, innovation, flexibility and the knowledge of the Jordanian and Arab market, which inevitably helps to ensure that our valued customers are provided with the best possible services including but not limited to the other legal issues and the main commercial transactions.

Hadid Law Firm is in constant evolution in all fields, providing a wide range of individual skills which is committed to quality, credibility and transparency starting from the extensive and deep legal case study to checking on the requirements of our valued clients, and extending that to setting goals to be achieved and to develop appropriate solutions to meet their needs, which led to having the wide variation of customers that our company has the honor to represent them.


Our Vision



Improving and developing all legal services and strengthened it in line with justice and transparency.


Our Message



Improving and developing all legal services and strengthened it in line with justice and transparency.


Founder Chairman of the Board


The lawyer Baker M. Al-Hadid

- PhD (special law)
- Master (special law)
- Higher Diploma (special law)
- Bachelor of Law

- Lawyer Mswal (Jordanian Bar Association)
- An expert in the field of human rights
- IP sessions
- Training courses in the field of human rights
- A legal adviser in the field of banking transactions
- Legal Researcher (safe Greater Amman) (formerly)

Dr. Baker M. Al-Hadid       PhD (special law)




.:. Arbitration


Arbitration is the simplest policy used to resolve disputes amicably world wide. Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy is composed of qualified attorneys.


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.:. Labor law


The Company Law dealt with all the issues of labor and demands the rights of the worker instead of unfair dismissal and regulates the relationship.


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.:. Collection & Recovery


We are specialists in debt recovery and work on a No Collection No Fee basis, which means you will not be out of pocket unless we collect.


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.:. Commercial law


Al Hadid Law Frim provides extensive legal services in all branches of commercial codes including selling, buying, import, export, transportation, brokerage and security laws and regulations.


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.:.Usful Link


Ministry of Industry and trade


Ministry of Justice

  Judicial Counsel -

Ministry Finance


Ministry Of Planning


Greater Amman Municipality


Jordan Telecommunications Regulatory Commission


Jordan Investment Board




Hadid Law Firm


5th Circle Amman Jordan


Um Uthaina Ibn AlRoumi StBldg 16


P.O.Box : 1118 Amman 232


(962) 6 551 9930


(962) 6 552 9930


(962) 6 551 9933


(962) 79500 1504




Soon we will Signed an agreement with the largest banks in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf to follow up the issues of collection.


Chairman of the Board Mr. Baker Al Hadid gets a PhD (special law).


The company's headquarters moved to the Fifth Circle amid the Jordanian capital Amman.


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